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 We have been swamped for the year of 2015. A great start in South East Asia region! Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, UAE - THANK YOU FOR THE TRUST IN US. It is surely heartfelt. You keep coming to us to solve queries and concerns and we scored every goal that you need and even better at every new rounds.

 One of our nice momentous memory was developing products for Singapore Botanical Gardens as it was also for their 50th National Birthday. Happy 50th Birthday Singapore! We are very proud of the trust given to us. We developed Room Mist, Scented Candle and Reed Diffuser for their Tembusu Tree scent. The Tembusu tree scent evokes memories of times spent in the gardens with your loved ones. It has since sell out pretty fast & new orders are coming in. Check them out at


 Recently we have done some shifting in our management where it is now serving more effectively to every clients and account needs. We welcome chemists and product-makers, Lea and Sol. Their eyes for detail and suggestion are sharp in creating new awareness in the market and for current clienteles. We cant be anymore happier!

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Yours Purely